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High Peak Gymnastics Club is run by a committee which is made up from parents of gymnasts and coaches.

The committee decides how money is spent and how to raise funds, they run the website and keep accurate records of all our gymnasts and coaches.

The committee consists of the following people:

Chairperson Rachel Bowers

The chairperson organises regular meetings for the committee and to decide what will be discussed at the meetings and also who is responsible for carrying out the things decided at the meetings.

School Liaison Officer Jo Coverley

The role is to discuss with local primary and secondary school what gymnastics is needed in their schools and then to see if our club can provide coaches to cover those needs whether it be during school hours or after school.

Also to book schools to come and use our facility during the day for p.e sessions.

Treasurer  Jo Coverley 

The Treasurer pays all bills associated with the club such as rent, gas, electric, wages etc. To keep accurate records of money going in and out of the account and also to report at meetings how things are going for the club financially.

Health and Safety Officer Tom Plant

The Health and Safety Officer is responsible for checking the apparatus daily, weekly and monthly for damage caused by wear and tear, accidents or vandalism. To check the entire gym for anything that may cause a gymnast or coach or spectator harm and to report it so that it can be fixed or replaced. Any problems with the building itself have to be reported to landlord for them to take care of.

Secretary Megan Coverley

The secretary inputs all gymnasts and coaches insurance to British Gymnastics and also on the club database. To take minutes at meetings and prepare newsletters for parents and also to do programmes for events at our gym.  They are also the responsible for updating the website and facebook page and arrange all the DBS checks at the gym for the coaches and volunteers. 

Volunteer Co-ordinator Megan Coverley

The role is to look after the volunteer coaches and committee members. To organise volunteers and committee members at events in the gym. All courses for the volunteer coaches and committee members will be organised through the volunteer coordinator.  

Young Leaders Volunteer Co-ordinator  Charlotte Burton 

The role is to look after the young leaders.  To record the hours that the young leaders do in the gym and facilitate any meetings the young leaders arrange to discuss events in the gym. All courses for the Young Leaders will be organised through Charlotte. 

Welfare Officer Andrea Pilkington

The Welfare Officers role is extremely important within our gym as this is the person that makes sure you are treating everyone with respect and also receiving that respect yourself. If you feel that you have been treated unfairly by a parent, gymnast or coach then you should report it to Andrea and she will make sure your problem is acted on accordingly.

Last Modified: 15 Nov 2018

We have a new training leotard and tracksuit!


You can see what they look like via this link:




Please see the 'Club Kit' section in about us for more details and clothing form. 

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