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GDPR Regulations

Did you know that joining our club includes becoming a member of British Gymnastics, the national governing body for gymnastics in the UK?

Until this year we have sent members’ details such as names, ages and addresses to British Gymnastics to allow them to activate personal member benefits for you, such as insurance and discounts, and to send out your membership pack.

From October 2017, to comply with new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we will no longer be able to pass on these personal details to British Gymnastics.

We are therefore asking all members (or your parent/guardian if you are under 16 years old) to renew your British Gymnastics membership directly through the British Gymnastics website.

A new membership process - here’s how it works After registering with the club and paying us your combined club and British Gymnastics membership fee, you (or your parent or guardian) will need to go to the British Gymnastics website to complete the new membership or renewal process. This process creates your vital insurance cover.

We are allowing a week from you receiving this letter to process the registration but then unless the registration process is completed on the British Gymnastics website you will not be able to attend our classes.

The registration system on the British Gymnastics website is quick and easy to use by mobile phone, tablet, computer or laptop. You won’t need to pay anything extra. British Gymnastics will activate your membership and insurance cover immediately as well as sending your membership confirmation and benefits information by both post and email. British Gymnastics will notify us when you have completed your registration. We’ll give you more information to help you with this process before memberships are due in October.

Thank you for your patience and co-operation with this change.

Once the £35 has been paid it will provide insurance cover until September 30th 2018

Last Modified: 28 Sep 2017

Annual Display
Sat 13 Oct in whaley bridge


We have a new training leotard and tracksuit!


You can see what they look like via this link:




Please see the 'Club Kit' section in about us for more details and clothing form. 

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